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3 Sentences That Lack a Word to Achieve Parallel Structure

3 Sentences That Lack a Word to Achieve Parallel Structure 3 Sentences That Lack a Word to Achieve Parallel Structure 3 Sentences That Lack a Word to Achieve Parallel Structure By Mark Nichol Each of the following sentences is flawed because omission of a word prevents the statement from conveying the intended meaning. Discussion and revision point out the missing word. 1. Smith will discuss the organization’s mission and activities to date. The writer likely did not intend to suggest that the discussion would be about both the organization’s mission to date and its activities to date; its mission is almost certainly unchanging, so â€Å"to date† pertains only to the activities, and therefore that noun must be preceded by a possessive noun or pronoun to match the preceding possessive noun: â€Å"Smith will discuss the organization’s mission and its activities to date.† 2. Dennis Eckersley, with his familiar mustache and long hair flowing out from underneath his cap, was perhaps the face of the Oakland A’s in the late 1980s and early ’90s. Presumably, this baseball player’s mustache did not flow out from underneath his cap, so the references to the mustache and the long hair must have their own pronouns; in addition, each must be followed a distinct adjective: â€Å"Dennis Eckersley, with his trademark mustache and his familiar long hair flowing out from underneath his cap, was perhaps the face of the Oakland A’s in the late 1980s and early ’90s.† 3. The business moved forward without realizing the value or need for consultation with various departments. Because value and consultation would not, in isolation, be bridged with the same preposition that separate need and consultation, value requires a distinct preposition: â€Å"The business moved forward without realizing the value of or need for consultation with various departments.† Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Style category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:The Royal Order of Adjectives 10 Colloquial Terms and Their MeaningsPhrasal Verbs and Phrasal Nouns

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16th Century U.K. Epidemics and its Impact on the British Essay

16th Century U.K. Epidemics and its Impact on the British - Essay Example This paper discusses the impact of epidemics upon the British people in the 16th century (1500-1600) with reference to three common diseases. The first part is a brief introduction on what an epidemic is and its causes.The second part is on England before and during the 16th century to show why it became prone to epidemics The third part is on epidemics of malaria, influenza, and the plague in 16th century England and its effects on the English people and their history.An epidemic is an outbreak of a contagious disease that affects an unusually large proportion of people or involves an extensive geographical area. Epidemics such as the recent SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) outbreak in Asia may last for a few months, but some last for years, such as the plague that ravaged Europe for six centuries (Encarta, 2007; Ranger & Slack, 1992).Epidemiology is the study of how diseases are transmitted and how people infected by diseases can be cured to control the extent of epidemics. Diseases are caused by organisms such as bacteria or parasites, some of which lie dormant until they reside in a living host.Others are caused by viruses, strands of DNA that enter cells of living creatures and cause mutations that affect the living body. Once these organisms enter the host through infection, they multiply and cause the host to get sick, turning the host into a carrier of disease-causing organisms in very large numbers. Disease-causing organisms are spread by contamination of food and water, physical contact, or the exchange of bodily fluids like saliva, semen, or blood, or through insects, rodents, and other disease-carrying animals known as vectors or agents that infect human populations. In the past, these diseases were believed to be caused by "germs" that spread their evil effects in the air. So lethal were these germs that they changed the fates of human societies in the last 13,000 years (Diamond, 2005). Germs went through a deadly cycle of mutation and adaptation, infecting animals and humans, each mutation giving rise to deadlier forms or diseases. Bacteria, parasites, and viruses need to eat in order to live and multiply. Germs (or microbes) do not exist to kill other living beings. Death is an unfortunate consequence, and if germs had their way, they would prefer their hosts to stay healthy, as millions of bacteria already do in the human body, helping in digestion and fighting deadlier diseases. Disease and death are unintended consequences of germs finding living bodies in which to live, encouraged by environmental conditions and the habits of the living hosts. Poor living conditions and poor sanitation, the concentration of populations into a smaller area that encouraged greater and frequent social contact, the thirst for discovery and travel to foreign lands, the search for greater wealth and prosperity, changes in weather conditions, and even a rise in promiscuity were the factors that increased the frequency of disease and epidemics (Wilkinson, 1992). Epidemics eventually die down once the conditions for their transmission disappear. In several parts of Europe in the Middle Ages, the plague disappeared from a town because half its population who were still healthy and uninfected were able to get away, while half including animals were infected and died. With no new living hosts, the bacteria could not survive. Weather changes also affected the rate of infection, whether they encouraged people to stay home or to go out. Either way, infection could spread at a faster rate through proximity and social contact. These conditions led to epidemics that would die down when these factors disappear. England in the 16th Century At the turn of the 16th century, Spain and Portugal was the European superpower, and having just discovered America through Columbus, it launched until the middle of the 16th century several sea voyages that led to the discovery of South America, Africa, the Pacific

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Western Civilization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Western Civilization - Essay Example Only by examining the facts can one make a decision on right or wrong. Although not one of the actual assassins, Cicero makes the argument that some members of the conspiracy had brought up what he referred to as â€Å"petty crimes† (one of the instances was fraudulent buying and selling). His viewpoint was that made little sense when the emperor’s real crime was the simple fact that he declared himself king and that in itself justified the Emperor’s death. Indeed, Cicero goes so far to state that such views are that of an insane person (and â€Å"immoral†) and those that followed him were just as mad as Caesar. In his case, he states that the Empire was once a free state with free people and that removing somebody like Caesar (either by force or peaceful means) was not only reasonable but in fact warranted. Cassius Dio on the other hand, makes an entirely different viewpoint in that killing Caesar was perhaps not totally justified and only brought unnecessary war and sedition to Rome. Granted, it could be argued that unlike Cicero, Cassius lived close to three hundred years after the event and was writing history as based upon the documents available to him. Yet historians such as Cassius often provide valuable insight many years after the fact, maybe unprejudiced, whereas those like Cicero were inflamed and caught up in the moment. Cassius does make a valid point in that the senators and other leaders courted Caesar like he was a king, such as riding into the city on horseback in full regalia and naming him Father of His Country. True Caesar’s ego made him giddily accept such â€Å"honors† and the man truly believed he was deserving of those favors. So why then use this as a later excuse to later kill him? Cassius points out that they hoped to convince Caesar that he was a mere mortal and when that failed (the Emperor actually believd himself otherwise!), the conspiracy took

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Lord of the Flies by William Golding and The Withered Arm by Thomas Hardy Essay Example for Free

Lord of the Flies by William Golding and The Withered Arm by Thomas Hardy Essay Describe how evil is presented in Lord of the Flies by William Golding and The Withered Arm by Thomas Hardy. Lord of the flies is a story that begins in the after a plane crash in the Pacific Ocean during an unnamed war in which a group of English schoolboys are isolated on what they assume to be an island, under no adult supervision they are left to defend for themselves create their own friendships and fight their own battles. As the story unfolds the boys develop a miniature society in which they try to include rules and order, but, each with their own ideas of right and wrong and sometimes totally different priorities, difficulties inevitably arise, their little community collapses and the boys are thrown into a world of hurt and fear. There were three main characters in this story, which affected the entire group and how they behaved. Jack began as the arrogant and self righteous leader of the tribe. There was Piggy, who in no doubt an intelligent, practical and a sensible thinker. He is the mouthpiece of science and reason on the island, and is a good planner who can think logically and prioritise things which was carefully ordained by Ralph who was an organised person, sensible and had a quite a bit of knowledge on survival. In the story we see the true evil that outcome from these boys. In the following paragraphs I am going to describe the horror that was used by William Golding in his novel Lord of the Flies. The first signs of evil emerging from the boys appeared when Jack and his hunters killed a pig and re-enacted the killing. In the process people were injured and the chanting that became a ritual began at this time. Although Jacks ambition to kill a pig had been fulfilled, he now had a taste of the glory and sense of power. This meant that he was by no means satisfied to have killed one pig, but would instead continue to do so. It is significant that Jack felt it was necessary to kill pigs, seeing that there was a large number of people on the island. It is important to note how much the boys manage to achieve before their inner evil destroy their senses of responsibility and reason, that is, before the boys finally come to savagery and violence. They discover fire, they build shelters, they explore the island, they go on hunting trips, and they delegate social responsibilities. Initially, one would be inclined to think that Jacks leadership is a poor one as he relies on brute strength. However, Jack is clever enough to know that the boys survival is as important as rescue. Food has to be hunted for nutritional needs (which Ralph tries to deny). Are there ghosts, Piggy, or beasts? Ralph seems to depend on Piggy quite a lot like an adult to guide him the way, but the mistake that Ralph does not see is that Piggy is not an adult. This is a clever technique used by Golding as he is building up the tension and the readers will be urged to read on. Another significant event took place during the killing of the pig, the hunters let the fire out, and there was open violence from Jack, when Jack was confronted by Piggy, Jack swung at Piggy and broke one of his lens off his glasses which was an important piece of equipment, as the glasses, meant they could have a fire which enables them to be rescued. This illustrates how Jack was being overcome by his evil inside him. The Lord of the Flies is represented in the form of a pigs head on a stick, which appeared to speak to Simon in the forest, while he was experiencing one of his epileptic fits. Golding uses this to show that the evil on this island has come from within the boys themselves. Simon then climbed the mountain and discovered that the swaying beast was in fact a dead pilot. This is gone far enough. My poor misguided child. Do you think you know better then I do?' Simon thinks of the pigs head (The Lord Of The Flies) as the symbol of their descent from civilized behaviour to animalistic savagery. It is because of the pigs head that Simon realizes that nature can be brutal and horrifying, an idea that clashes with his previous love of nature and the spirituality inbuilt in it. Simon frames nature in terms of its how like Eden it is, but the Lord of the Flies is a challenge of that view. Most importantly of all, Golding reveals that there is indeed a better side to mans nature through his character, Simon. Throughout the novel, Simon is portrayed as a Christ-like figure and a saint. Unfortunately, it was at this point where the evil came out among all of the boys, as Simon was mistaken for the beast and the boys were all overcome by the evil inside them and the ritual begun once again as it did with the pig and Simon was brutally killed in disguise of the beast. In this part of the novel we see that evil has overcome the boys and there is no longer any structure at all left within the boys. Following Simons death it becomes clear that none of the tribe would accept that they had become evil and had just sabotaged a human being, but Ralph on the other hand could see what they had become and confronted Piggy saying that was murder, Piggy knew what had happened but tried to hide it by coming up with lame excuses like it was dark. Ralph had learned from this and controlled the evil inside him. When Piggy got his glasses stole by the other tribe Ralph and Piggy knew that they had lost all their power. So the only way to regain that power would be to get Piggys glasses back. Unfortunately this lead to more hatred when the two tribes started to argue and it was obvious that Jacks tribe had the most power and during this argument Roger decided to push a Rock onto Piggy leaving him dead, which shows that Jacks tribe was just pure evil and had no other thoughts than to kill. Towards the end of the novel Ralph was hunted down like a wild animal and the imagery Golding uses in this final chapter describes a world where insanity and evil rule. It is even possible that the boys now saw Ralph as the beast, which is why they hunted him down. Secondly, although all the boys were hunting Ralph to kill him, most of them probably did not realise what they were doing or why. This is because Jack had influenced their minds and half of them probably saw killing Ralph as a game. In view of the fact that Ralph was being hunted down by everyone on the island, we must accept that he would have been killed had it not been for the arrival of the Navy officer. It must be noted that Golding does not choose to allow Ralph to be killed. This could be because he does not wish to allow evil to win. The real message that Golding is trying to send out is if we have no rules or boundaries then we will behave like animals do so anything can be done, in this case killing has become a hobby. In Lord of the Flies, Golding suggests that once man is freed from social conditioning and obligation, the intrinsic sense of evil will be revealed in him. He destroys the optimistic view of human nature by showing how even the most innocent of all children can deteriorate into primitive savages once freed from the trappings of society. The actual storyline was pretty lame because a bunch of children just happened to crash on an island stranded, they all have a big tribunal war, people die, then the Ralph is in trouble and some navy guy appears and saves Ralph. This story was a bit too predictable, but the descriptive text in this novel is fascinating and keeps you reading. The withered arm is a pre-20th Century, short story. It is full of supernatural elements and coincidences. The story involves the characters Rhoda, a jealous middle-aged woman who has a son by farmer Lodge. Farmer Lodge has just married a young, beautiful woman called Gertrude. Rhoda being a jealous woman unconsciously conjures up an evil incubus. This causes Gertrudes arm to weather, she tries all the cures she knows off, but resorts to using the supernatural to heal it. This leads to a dramatic ending. Right at the beginning of the story we are in suspense because there is much speculation about the new bride. At the beginning of the story it is thought that Rhoda and Gertrude are rivals, as they have both had a relationship with farmer lodge. They occupy traditional roles in the story; Rhoda is the older neglected lover with her looks fading. Gertrude is the young, beautiful blooming new wife. Age, beauty, status and social class divide them. Rhoda is extremely jealous of Gertrude we know this because she sends her son to spy on the new wife: see if she is dark Her jealousy is what leads to the first element of the supernatural, which is her nightmare. Stricken with jealousy, her subconscious thoughts surface in her sleep as she innocently dreams of grabbing Gertrudes arm in a last desperate effort, swung out her right hand, seized the confronting spectre by its obtrusive left arm. Rhodas first reaction to Gertrude is of horror and fear. In her dream, she sees Mrs. Lodge as a figure with features shockingly distorted and wrinkled by old age. Hardy uses simple diction to convey the horror of the nightmare. He also uses emotive language like maddened and mockingly. Rhodas nightmare can be explained as coincidence, as a physical manifestation of the girls unconscious awareness of the situation. Rhodas dream creates suspense and words such as phantom keep it going. The next morning we learn that the dream was real as her son asks: what was that noise in your chimmer, mother last night. Did you fall out of bed around two oclock? The developing relationship between the two women has elements of the macabre. Rhoda often asks to see the wound, and seems fascinated by the clear indication of the marks of four fingers. Gertrude relies on Rhoda for a sympathetic understanding of the growing estrangement between herself and her husband, who knows the disfigurement is there. The choice of the word disfigurement reveals his attitude to appearances. As the arm is getting worst and she has visited a doctor who cannot help her, she becomes increasing desperate for a cure as her husband is starting to love her less. She turns to Rhoda to take her to see Trendle much to her dismay. Rhoda fears for the loss of a good friendship. Trendle is a witch doctor and has powers other people dont, in the story many people believe in him, except Gertrude who says: o, how could my people be so superstitious. She soon changes her mind and goes with Rhoda to visit him this is where it is revealed that Gertrude has an enemy: medicine cant cure it. Is the work of an enemy. Trendle then reveals the face of her attacker to her. Gertrude reacts calmly when she finds out who it is as she says she does not care to speak of it. When she is talking to Rhoda and does not tell her what she saw. After this Rhoda and her son disappeared quietly. Over the next six years, Gertrudes arm continues to wither, and the fact that she had brought no children to her husband made her worry even more that Mr. Lodge would reject her. Mr. Lodge has superficial love for Gertrude which was based on her beauty: the woman whom he had wooed for her beauty. But as her arm is getting worst we see that he starts to disregard her. She starts to age beyond her years: she was now five-and-twenty; but she seemed older. She becomes desperate for a cure and tries all sorts of remedies. This makes us feel sympathetic towards her. As a last resort she visits Tremble and tries to take advantage of his white magic, this leads to fatal results and her superstition, combined with desperation, must be held accountable for this. He tells her she must touch with the limb the neck of a man whos been hanged. As time passed she considers this and wished: o lord, hang some guilty or innocent person soon! This shows how desperate she was becoming. Gertrudes meeting with the hangman reveals her obsession: she has in fact prayed each evening for some guilty or innocent person to be hanged Rhoda and the hangman having a discussion in which she says: o- a reprieve- I hope not! Here she is saying even if the person is innocent she hopes he will not be let off. Through out the story it is full of irony- you have farmer Lodge marrying to have a son, even though he has one which he does not recognise. Hardy chose not to give the illegitimate son a name; this may be because Lodge failed to recognise him, even though he wishes for a son: I once thought of adopting a boy! Gertrude befriends the boy but unknowingly wishes for his death, in which when she finds out the identity of the hanged man she dies from shock. The denouement of the finial gruesome meeting between the two women brings all interaction to an end. The scene is highly dramatic and needs few words. This is where we learn that it is Rhodas son that has been hanged and due to this Gertrudes blood had been turned indeed- too far. In conclusion of both stories I think that Lord of the Flies represents horror in a more sophisticated way than The Withered Arm, saying that Lo-rd of the Flies was written when there was no TV this virtually inserts images into your thoughts, the only thing with Lord of the Flies was the actual storyline as it was too unreal because if there was a plane crashes, normally there is hardly any survivors but in this case, the whole troop survived!! In conclusion the withered arm is an effective story of the supernatural from the point of view from the reader. When it was written as people heavily believed in the supernatural and witchcraft, this is another reason the story is effective. It differs from todays horror stories, as it is not full of blood and guts.

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Portrayal of the Lower Class :: Sociology

Portrayal of the Lower Class When the words poverty comes up what are the first things that come to mind. Usually the first thing thought of is the perception of a man with a torn skiing cap, tattered plaid jacket, dirty gloves, no shoes and living under a bridge. This is, like most stereotypes the extremity of the problem. The homeless you see on the street does not exemplify everyone in poverty. Most live in a very small apartment or complex with some food and water. Poverty by definition is the state of having little or no money and few possessions. This definition even says that not all in poverty are without a home or food or even clothes, it simply states that it is not a substantial amount. So how is it that new and everyone that is shown in poverty is always shown in rags on the corner? One reason is for the exact reason these people are in this state, money. Relief Organization and Companies raise millions if not billions of dollars a year on the aid of the less fortunate. Is it really tangible to believe that every drop of this money is going straight to these people? No, some of the money has to be going to patrons or even the fundraisers themselves. Even no-profit organizations spend money on bettering their own facilities. These people are not taking out enough money for there to be a question, but money is lost in translation. I don't mean to sound like a pessimist, but most people in this world are looking to expedite there way into money. What better way than to pluck the strings of another ones heart and have them willingly give you money? You might ask yourself how this plays into the role of stereotyping, its falls into affect when the media and government gets involved. Media sets up a portrayal of people who are poor and misfortunate as having absolutely nothing so that generous people will want to give more. As seen in hurricane Katrina, the media only showed riots in the street, African Americans looting stores, and people will no clothes on standing in the middle of the street in knee-deep water. You might want to know how embezzlers, the government and the media both have an impact on the stereotype of poverty.

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Introduce The Company

The Michel Corporation is such an integral part of our daily needs of owner and the employees that is difficult to imagine life of our workers without the one. And Michel Motors is a company that established not only to growth the owner or the company but to help other peoples that will work for that company. Michel Corporation is located at Padre Garcia, Barbara and other branches. Michel Corporation is using manual system every day -We have to organized every items that was delivered to them and the company has a policy that the worker have to follow.Giving the greater availability of capital means that the corporations tend to be larger and can make in the use of skilled team of managers to run the business. In every Expense and cost of starting a corporation will have a goals that an organization or individual seeks to achieve in life. Each level Of individual in this corporation will have a responsibilities or duties every operating day. The Company will have an prospective plan that will organized the business. The owner will have a planning , organizing , controlling.Michel Corporation is responsible to achieve the firm's objective customer needs. It is important to the company that we knows the responsibilities of every one. Controlling the expense and cost of Michel Corporation is important to everyone that related in this company. In every operations of the company we need to keep the firm producing every items to control the cost. Usually Michel Corporation will have a challenges everyday that will need to cooperate to everyone to solve the problems that they will encounter.Michel Corporation is source of different materials and items. Introduce the System (Computerized Sales & Inventory System) In every system we have a task to process easily the documentary of the company. For that company we have a system that will process and organized easily every production and to hold the sales & inventory of our company. This system is responsible to exert to the line of everyone and to operate faster. In this system the company Mill operate easily. This system will have an instructions and commands to process the information every operation.In this system every individual will increase the time exert. Every sales of Michel Corporation is important to record to growth the company. This system will roved the daily task of every individual. Importance of A Computerized System Efficiently tracking inventory is an imperative component to a small business;Russo; successful operation. By having up-to-date data regarding all needed office supplies, raw manufacturing materials and merchandise for sale, an organization will drastically increase its bottom line.In addition to the money saved by not reordering unnecessary goods, an enterprise will be better positioned to services customers quickly, as well as navigate any unexpected changes in business, such as a supplier abruptly going out of business. Although many companies maintain this inform ation manually, there are benefits to using a computerized inventory system. No matter the nature of your business, you need to keep track of the products your firm has on hand. Keeping an accurate inventory is critical to lowering costs and providing a more streamlined operation.As a business owner, you can rely on traditional hand counting methods or institute some form of computerized inventory control. Both approaches have their benefits and drawbacks, and it is important to weigh the relative advantages carefully. Time Savings As the old saying goes, is The amount f time that can be saved by a business is, perhaps, the biggest benefit of using a computerized inventory system. A great example of this benefit is the retail industry. In cases where a shop maintains all data manually, its manager must reconcile each sales receipt with every piece of physical inventory'.Depending on the size of the establishment and how many different products are sold, this can be a daunting and ti me consuming task. If that same store, however, used a computerized point of sale, POS, system, the master inventory list would be updated electronically each time a sale is dad. The only thing a manager would have to do each day is print out the report highlighting the inventory to be restocked. Accuracy An additional benefit of using a computerized inventory system is the accuracy it ensures.Eighteenth century English poet Alexander Pope is often quoted as having said, &liquor;To err is human. &roux; When an inventory' list is maintained by hand, the margin of error widens with each update. If one mathematical calculation is wrong or one typo is made, disaster may occur. For instance, if a clerk accidentally adds a zero to the end f a purchase order, a business could potentially end up paying for 1 0,000 units of merchandise as opposed to the 1 ,DOD that is actually needed.Consistency A small business operates most efficiently when its processes are executed in a consistent manner . By using a computerized inventory system, a business owner can ensures that all orders, reports and other documents relating to inventory are uniform in their presentation, regardless of who has created them. This will allow ease of reading. In addition, uniformity creates a professional appearance, which can go a long way to impress associates, such s potential investors.Speed and Efficiency A computerized inventory management system makes everything from inputting information to taking inventory easier. Doing a hand count of inventory can take days, but with a computerized inventory management system, the same process can be done in a matter of hours. Document Generation Once the computerized inventory management system is in place, managers and workers can use it to automatically generate all kinds of documents, from purchase orders and checks to invoices and account statements. Managers can also use the system to automatically order products when they run low.

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Character Analysis Bad Boys II Movie Review - 1378 Words

Bad Boys II follows two Narcotics Detectives, Mike and Marcus, investigating the trafficking of ecstasy into Miami. Mike Lowry has tons of money from a trust fund, so he is always wearing very showy clothes and drives a nice car. He is constantly trying to get the ladies and is very reckless with his police work. He does not have any desire to settle down just yet. He is the â€Å"cool† character in the movie. Marcus Burnett is the opposite of his partner. He is a responsible family man who is already settled down and not into taking huge risks anymore. Throughout the movie, he shows how far he is willing to go to keep his family safe. This duo makes for a very interesting movie, because their personality types are so different and tend to†¦show more content†¦They infiltrate Tapia’s mortuary, pretending to be paramedics, and learn that he is using the inside of corpses to transport ecstasy. After obtaining enough evidence, they finally get a search warrant, an d Tapia’s house and the mortuary are raided. The U.S. Coast Guard seizes the money and the drugs. Tapia kidnaps Syd and takes her to Cuba. He demands that he get his money back or she dies. Mike and Marcus, along with other officers and a group of ex Delta agents, travel to Cuba to Tapia’s location. They rescue Syd and wreck Tapia’s compound with the use of RPG’s and automatic weapons. They begin to drive away towards the safety of Guantanamo Bay, but Tapia is following close behind. This turns into an action packed car chase down the side of a Cuban mountain, destroying a lot of property along the way. They make it to Guantanamo Bay, but end up on a live minefield. Tapia is holding Mike at gunpoint, and Syd throws a gun onto a mine and it blows up one of Tapia’s guys. Simultaneously, Marcus shoots Tapia in the head. At the end of the movie, they are all having a nice dinner at Marcus’ house. Mike is actually ready to settle down with Syd an d he begins to show it. Marcus becomes more accepting of Mike and Syd’s relationship and reveals that he will continue to be Mike’s partner. This move is very action packed and gives the viewer multiple instances of an adrenaline rush. It portrays the characters of two rogue cops, which we have discussed inShow MoreRelatedThe Child That Lives From Within1681 Words   |  7 Pagessocial sciences often question if psychopathic behaviour is innate or a product of a social environment. Recently, nurture-based theories has gained credibility in understanding how a child’s upbringings can trigger psychopathic behaviour. In the movie Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock, Norman Bates’ downfall proposes how crucial a healthy childhood is to mental health rather than biological vulnerability. Contrary to nature-focused beliefs, not all human behaviour comes from an individual’s genetic makeupRead MoreBattle of Britain Essay4211 Words   |  17 PagesBattle of Brita in This film is about the Battle of Britain during World War II. It happened in 1940. This movie was made 29 years later in 1969. The Nazis tried to invade Britain. The Royal Air Force of Britain fought a grave battle against the Nazis to prevent the invasion. Most of the fighting was in the air. There were lots of fighting scenes between the German planes and the RAF and their allies. This film is pretty realistic. I thought that the air battles were pretty realisticRead MoreHuck Finn Essay1835 Words   |  8 PagesFlanagan January 27, 2009 Tarin ii I. Introduction II. Biographical sketch of author A. Past to present B. Experiences and achievements III Plot analysis A. analysis of plot structure 1. Exposition 2. Complication 3. Crisis 4. Climax 5. Resolution B. Theme of plot IV Critical analysis A. Theme 1. Racism 2. Slavery C. Characters D. Atmosphere E. Conflicts Read MoreHow The Environment Affects The Development Of The Individual2423 Words   |  10 Pagesdevelopment of the individual, while opportunities support and assist in the development. This paper will review the effects of the environment on an individual by applying the ecological perspective to the life and experiences main character in the film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ is a film that features a character, Jamil Malik, who lives in Dubai and is considered an ignorant young boy. Jamil Malik had never went to school or college and would not have known any of the answers for theRead MoreThe Directing And The Setting2027 Words   |  9 PagesSection: On the waterfront opens by introducing small corrupt local that are mobsters that run the docks Hoboken, New Jersey, across the river Manhattan. Terry Malloy, is an incomprehensible boxer in his late twenties, which now he is a petty errand boy for the local mobsters that are the union head of the docks. The local mob uses Terry as a decoy to kill Joey Doyle by drawing Doyle out of his apartment to the roof then the local mobsters push him off the roof. Terry is shocked as he thought theyRead MoreEssay Witchcraft Portrayed in Films6180 Words   |  25 Pagesthrough the Ages, which for the most part involved a series of filmed clips. My project draws not only on my own analysis of the four main films, but briefly discusses others that are similar, and includes theories about media content and consumption as well as comment on how witches have generally been portrayed horror films from a range of textbooks. I have also selected reviews from several knowledgeable websites, and produ ced and conducted my own survey about the four main films which was kindlyRead MoreAgainst Women in Combat Units: An Argumentative Essay2754 Words   |  11 Pagesneurological advancement of the girl child is better than that of boy at birth. However, the boys mature with more muscular development than the girl does. Girls have the ability to excel better in verbal skills while the boy excels better in visual-spatial and mathematics skills. This factor comes into play in their judgmental ability and decision-making process. Additionally, from the home upbringing, the girl is tentatively nurturing while the boy is more aggressive (Louison 67). Aggressiveness is a factorRead MoreThesis: Violence and Mass Communication7788 Words   |  32 PagesHigh School Students of Bulacan State University- Laboratory High School A Thesis Proposal Presented to Ms. Marjorie Miguel College of Arts and Letters Bulacan State University In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for Communication Arts II For the Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication Major in Broadcasting By Calara, Jerica Mae S.P. Mendoza, Justine Mary Robert A. Navalta, Erl Chak S.J. Panti, Jeaneth D.P. Villalon, Maria Neren E. MarchRead MoreEssay on The Corruption of Media3049 Words   |  13 Pagestelevision viewing and violence. In this paper I’m going to go back to some studies conducted, research their findings, and try to and explain how the results on television violence relate to our children’s latest violent behavior. LITERATURE REVIEW I We as Americans live in a nation where almost all households have at least one television set. Not only is the amount of television being viewed an issue but the content and the lack of parental overview also play an extreme role. In a year, theRead MoreReasons Why Filipinos Love Koreanovelas3837 Words   |  16 Pagesto Heaven started to become a major hit in the Philippines by beating its entire counterpart and once reached 50% level. The next year was became the big success for Jewel in the Palace that televised in GMA 7. Its popularity made their leading characters visit Manila last March 22, 2006 to give thanks for all the supporters of this drama. After Jewel in the Palace, GMA 7 aired My Name is Kim Sam Soon that garnered many awards (AGB Nielsen, 2008). There are two main genres of Korean dramas. The first